Yet Another Voice…

…testifying to what divorce does to kids. (Note that now-back-pedaling grand-boomer Judith Wallerstein has, in writing the foreword, given the imprimatur to GenXer Ms. Marquardt’s book.) Predictably, yet another defensive response to this witness has arisen–but this response is more obtuse than most. Here Jack Shafer, editor-at-large for Slate, “flips” the data in question in order to “deconstruct” what should be the common-sense conclusion that divorce adversely affects kids–even as the decidedly non-common-sensical implication of his “data-inversion” is that 96% of children from intact families felt like strangers in their own homes, while 99% of children from intact families felt like they didn’t have a home at all.

Actually, we can see in the last full paragraph that Shafer is indeed capable of doing the math, and he does, up to a point–the point where it stops being something he can use and starts being something that makes him look silly.

Denial ain’t just a non-acceptance of reality. It’s also a switching-off of the brain.


  1. And… it is also interesting that having two adults as parents, just two adults (gender did not matter!), children do better! There are also tests that have been done!!!

  2. Divorce is a legal agreement, as is marriage. You can aurgue in front of your children, cry, rant, be silent, the children pick up everything! You can have a “silent” divorce between couples, still stay married, and the children KNOW they are in a troubled home. Denial takes many forms!

  3. Did I just hear a click of a switch;)

  4. I saw Ms. Marquardt on Anderson Cooper last night. Based on my experience as an adult child of divorced parents, I’d have to agree with what she said last night. Haven’t read the book though.

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