Thank you…

…to everyone who’s offered support. I’m removing Mark’s post and my response, because there are indeed two sides to the story, and I don’t want Loyola’s position to be misrepresented, and I don’t want to has out all the details here. This has been a very bumpy few days. Apologies to everyone whose comments were deleted.


  1. Mark Lickona says

    No reason why support for a book like Matt’s second can’t continue to be shown on this thread, however.

  2. AnotherCoward says

    I dunno … he might just delete our comments 😉

    Have you thought of publishing the book online?

    This is a neat idea; you could publish it via a creative commons license or under general copyright.

    Accept Paypal donations – People pay for what they feel they’re getting. Perhaps commit to providing people a print version of the book for every X dollars they donate – if they want all those copies.

    Your immediate audience can grow quickly based on the material’s merits, word of mouth, and the fact that people aren’t having to commit to “buying the book” before they try it out.

    You can immediately tie the book to the blog and the potential community we’ve seen build here over the past few months.

    A number people have already been doing this for some time. You might research into it more.

    Chin up, Lickona. Your puppy is far from dead. You know where to find me if you’d like me to help you look into this more.

  3. Matthew,

    I am indeed dissapointed in this news. Your first book was a great encouragement to me, and all those who I have shared it with.

    My prayers are with you, as God continues to reveal His plans. Please, keep writing. We need to read what you have to share.


  4. I’m speechless, or should I say I’ve been rendered spechless?I can’t recall when I’ve seen a Blog Site sanitize it’s boards!

    Matthew, you wrote a wonderful blog entitled “My Brother Loves Me”, it spoke directly and truthful to the entire matter!

    Where lies the Truth that you speak so highly of? Yes, for the moment we are deprived of reading your next book, but should we be deprived of the Truth? What is written, is written. Can we as bloggers expect that our words will be edited and/or removed in the future? We are not perfect, we all will make mistakes, but a journalist has an obligation. Once “Dewey Beats Truman” was printed, did the newspaper go around and collect each copy and burn them?

    Please Mark and Matt, keep it real!

    Anon 1K

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    Anon 1K,
    When I first discussed the matter with Loyola, they asked me not to hash it out on my blog. I thought it best to respect their wishes. I did not tell my brother this, however, and he felt moved to post. Loyola was unhappy with the post – they did not feel it was a fair representation, and it is certainly true that it was an incomplete account. They had many problems with the book. The Truth in this case was complicated, and I did not see the good in laying everything out against Loyola’s wishes.

    I have no plans at the moment to edit comments on the blog, provided they do not become obscene or hateful.

    It’s interesting that you mention the obligation of the journalist. I’ve never thought of the blog as journalism, just a sort of diary/commentary.

    My decision here was out of consideration for the wishes of another. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. I will try to keep it real.

  6. Matthew Lickona says

    Thank you.

  7. Mark Lickona says

    For the record, I’ll admit I wasn’t interested in being “fair.” I was indeed speculating about Loyola’s recation to the book, i.e., that they were reacting to the sexual stuff, and reacting unfavorably. It was not episteme, it was mere orthodoxa–correct opinion. But I think correct counts for something.

  8. Jonathan Potter says

    Whatever Loyola’s reasons, it’s hard to imagine another publisher not wanting to snap up your second book, given the success of the first. Didn’t FS&G look at Swimming? I bet they would give book 2 a look and be more amenable to it, knowing there is now an established readership. My guess is there is a higher power that wants book 2 to land in airport bookstores and that this higher power has designs on another publisher that might better facilitate that. Either that or the higher power wants to bring you down a notch or two for the betterment of your soul. My money is on FS&G, though.

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