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this interview with Barbara Nicolosi over at Godspy. Godsbody – pointing you to good stuff elsewhere since 2005.


  1. Mark Lickona says

    “Right now everyone’s looking for stuff that has a ‘God element’ to it.”

    Here’s hoping.

  2. Oh dear, help me, am I just being too scrupulous about this? I was all fired up about “Act One” until I went to their webpage and looked at the actual projects their faculty have worked on. I totally agree with Barbara Nicolosi about them not working on stuff that is explicity Christian — but they have people who work on shows like “Charmed” “That 70’s Show”! Stuff that I find not only un-Christian, but downright pornographic. Does that seem odd to anyone but me? Even the ones that are about God don’t impress me. I find “Touched by an Angel” and “Joan of Arcadia” to be just plain dumb.

  3. Bear,

    Keep in mind that TV shows are written by a team of writers. A show runner can call the shots, but not a solo writer…

    Is it really better for the Christian not to be present in the secular world? Matthew’s gospel would suggest that the Christian is supposed to have a missionary heart…

  4. I agree for the most part Clayton. Getting a Christian voice, however small, into these areas is crucial. But when comes the point when you “shake the dust from your feet” and move on to the next town, as the Gospels also advise? I feel that on some of these projects, as a Christian, I would have had to have said, “This is too far over the line and unreedeemable. I don’t want a part in it.”

    I doubt you would argue that a Christian ought to take a job, say, with Playboy for the purposes of evangelization. If I did take that job, and I didn’t get fired right quick, I’d be worried about myself.

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