Tarted Up…

…the new Wallace and Gromit, for some reason. A vicar caught reading Nun Wrestling magazine. An amorous rabbit goosing the tail of bunny he’s chasing. A lady gardener positioning herself in front of two round melons and saying that her previous boyfriend never took an interest in her…produce, then rhapsodizing over a prize carrot’s smooth flesh while poor Wallace moans with anticipatory pleasure. That’s just off the top of my memory. I wish I could have been in the meeting where they said, “You know what these lumpy claymation characters need? Sex appeal.” I wonder how they ever made it through three brilliant shorts (two of which won Oscars, if memory serves) without ass grabbery. Sigh.


  1. Notrelatedtoted says

    Say it ain’t so! I just watched “A Close Shave” with the kids last night. I was really looking forward to the new movie.

    Oh well, I suppose they have to draw in the adults, right? I mean, who would want to go to a movie unless it was loaded with innuendo and off-color humor? Funny, Hollywood now has to dumb-down a movie for the adults, rather than vice-versa.

    This news is killing my Monday.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Well, if it’s any consolation, there’s a lot of classic Wallace and Gromit humor, and the innuendo managed to slip by the kids. Parks only rarely borrows from previous stuff.

  3. Geoff Edwards says

    When he made the shorts, Park didn’t have a $30MM budget or the strings that come attached. The off-color humor is almost certainly a concession to Dreamworks studio bosses.

    Despite the Shrek-style jokes (which are infrequent), the movie is almost impossibly good. Of course, I went in expecting to be disappointed.

  4. Notrelatedtoted says


    You’re probably right. And I’m glad to hear the off-color humor is, at least, minimal. We probably won’t get around to watching it until its on DVD, anyways.

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