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  1. John Henry says

    What’s up Doc?

    I’ve been a muleman for thirty years and I think I’m ready for a career change. But I don’t know where to begin. Got any suggestions?

  2. Mr. Doc:

    I just turned 66 and I think I’m finally ready to have a midlife crisis. How does one go about that these days?

    Yours truly,
    El Fandango

  3. Dear John,

    Apaches love mule meat, even more than horse meat and much more than beef. It’s interesting that they would rather starve than eat a pig.

  4. Dear El,

    I suggest that you go to Thailand and sleep with a woman who turns out to be a man. Then, when you return home thoroughly ashamed, you can repent and abandon this whole mid-life nonsense and love your wife as she deserves you worthless sack of shit.

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