Capote II

If you have a festering notion that all art, or at least all writing, is born of some damage, or some anger, or some unbalanced obsesssion, Capote will not do anything to help you get over your festers.


  1. To pick up a (much) earlier thread, maybe all worthwhile art is transgressive. The film (if accurate) is a fine example.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Well, I suppose that gives hope for book two, because I rather suspect it’s a touch transgressive. Of course, just because all worthwhile art is transgressive does not mean that everything transgressive is worthwhile art. We’ll see.

  3. Susan Peterson says

    What does the quote mean in a later review which says the church won’t “receive” their children because they are, Latin for, from a damned union…ex damnatu coitu or something like that.

    By receive do they mean, baptize?
    It really can’t be true that children of such a marriage can’t be baptized. Can it? I mean, I know that at least in the 1917 code of canon law, the son of an invalid marriage could not become a priest without a dispensation. But baptism is a different matter.

    Can someone…if anyone is still reading comments from two months ago…tell me if this is true?


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