Scenes From Wisconsin

Father Burns (though I’ll have to check the name), dressed in his clerics but with jacket off, so that his white shirtsleeves poked out from his black vestfront, having recently transferred two halves of roasted pig from rotisserie to carving table, now stripping newly-hacked ribs of their meat and grinning with pleasure:

“I think God turns His back for two minutes each day and lets us eat like animals.”

That was some fine pig. We ate like gods.


  1. Found you! Great links and content here…and so wonderful to see you and the fam! God’s blessings on you all and the new little one!

    Keep up the Wisconsin blogs..I love hearing such different viewpoints about the same event!

  2. M. says, I don’t think so, Father.

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Oh, M., go easy. I’m pretty sure Father wasn’t actually suggesting that the Big Guy ever turns a blind eye…and it’s not like Father was gorging himself.

  4. Sounds like you had fun, folks. What an amazing blessing to have gone to such a school and to have met such wonderful people. Ours is two years away (already! – and I was already old when I started). With Rolfe involved, you know we’ll be having a pig, too.


  5. Not equating Rolfe with the pig, mind you.

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