Three Little Words…

…that can go a long way toward creating a lifelong habit of acquisition…

“Collect them all!”

Of course, later in life, those are replaced with:

“New and improved!”

And if you get in deep, you can reach:

“Only the best.”



  1. For women you can add,

    get one in every color.


  2. How could you forget, “SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!!!”

    Gets me everytime.


  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Those are the words that develop a lifelong habit of attending monster truck rallies. An entirely different sort of vice. But thanks for contributing!

  4. Ack. I knew that sooner or later, living so close to the WV border would do more harm than good.

    Yee haw!


  5. Matthew Lickona says

    If it’s any comfort, Rory my dear, there’s plenty of MONSTER TRUCK ACTION in upstate NY. I don’t believe that Skinny-atlas has its own arena, but Watkins Glen ain’t far… Surely your wife has told you about our region’s proud tradition of crushing vehicles under ten-foot tires?

  6. You know those Skan-townies – they pretend that such things don’t exist. Heck, they bulldozed the only trailer park in town to make room for this…. KJ’s is now some sushi joint, and the old-skool bakery has been boarded-up in order to make way for some other yuppie horror shop. At least there’s still Morris’, but I am sure its days are numbered.

  7. Matthew Lickona says

    Do they admit that there’s a Doug’s Fish Fry down in Cortland?

  8. They do admit that such an establishment exists, but only with the caveat that the one in Skaneateles came first….

  9. Matthew Lickona says

    Well, of course it did. But even so – Cortland? I mean, really. Couldn’t they just enjoy their Filet O’Fish’s, or whatever it is they enjoy?

    (Spoken as a proud Cortlandite, Cortlander, Cortlandish…_

  10. Well, Doug’s is sort of retro-kitcsh or neo-camp or something like that. The Skan-townies go there to pretend they’re slumming. So, no surprise that there’s a location in Cortland – it’s just that the Cortlander’s don’t appreciate it with the requisite sense of irony.

    I need to be careful before I wind up sleeping on the couch.

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