Holy Girl

Lindsay’s had her troubles of late, poor dear. But as this picture shows, she’s back on the straight and narrow. You might think wearing a rosary like a necklace a bit cheeky, but when you pray your beads as often as Lindsay does, it’s good to have a set within easy reach. That dress doesn’t have any pockets, and it’s so easy to lose things in your purse when it’s full of… other stuff. And check the hand signal – why, it’s the famous “Three persons in God/two natures in Christ” gesture!

Mmmm…celebrities. God help me.


  1. antiaphrodite says

    we’re praying for you, don’t worry.

    and thanks for the laugh.

  2. Matthew,

    I remember when this gal was in the not-half-bad remake of “The Parent Trap.” She’s all growns up! What are we doing to these poor girls?

    Yes, even then, I remember saying to myself: the poor girl, she’s too cute to survive the Hollywood machine….

    “GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!” I screamed. But she couldn’t hear me through the thick glass of the TV set.

    Sadness. Madness. God Help THEM!


  3. Matthew,

    If you’re going to comment on celebrity news, at least have the decency to inform us that P. Diddy has changed his name to just “Diddy.” Beck is a Scientologist? I need to know what’s happening in the world of the straight-up gansta, yo.


  4. AnotherCoward says

    Isn’t it Bono we have to thank for the Rosary-as-necklace fashion?

    Somewhat relatedly, Bono had an excellent interview somewhere (too lazy to look right now) where he compared Christianity to other world religions – essentially chalking it all up to grace vs karma. Good stuff.

    And have you guys seen the Matrix-esque poster for priest vocations? Woah … it’s most totally excellent …

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    I dunno – Madonna may have been first out of the gate with the rosary-necklace. Or it might have been any two-year-old child.
    Think I’ll post on that poster…

  6. AnotherCoward says

    … true … my son does try to wear my rosary … it’s too small, though, and I always fret he’s gonna break it.

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