From the NYTBR

“Women’s everted lips are a good example of neoteny, the extension of childlike characteristics into adulthood, an evolutionary process Morris returns to frequently throughout the book. Women have more neotenous physical traits than men do. For example, pound for pound the average adult woman has about twice as much body fat, an infantile trait, as the average man. Women also have higher, more childlike voices and smoother, more finely boned baby faces, traits that Morris maintains evolved to elicit protective responses in their male mates.”

Which does absolutely nothing to explain Homer Simpson’s sung request regarding the perfect nanny: “Might I add/No fat chicks.” Nor does it explain the promises in the pornspam that arrives in my inbox that if I click on the link, I will get to see “young teens” violated in all sorts of exciting ways.

Protective, my foot.

It ain’t all evolution, baby.

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