Devil’s Haircut

Tom Cruise I could take. Travolta, fine. Katie Holmes – poor thing. But Beck? I have GOT to stop reading entertainment news. It’s just too depressing.

So here’s The Shambler himself, waxing theological:

“Scientology brings a certain happiness and fullness to things. It has reinforced certain things that were really constructive and good. If you actually look at what’s been done through Scientology and what’s come out of it, I think it blows away the criticism.”

Well, he’s got me there. I haven’t actually looked at what’s come out of Scientology. Anybody want to help here?

(Via Oh No They Didn’t.)


  1. My first reaction: Beck? Oh, that’s WRONG times a million!

    My second reaction: Why do we have to look? Why can’t you just tell us? Oh that’s right, that’s because there’s nothing!

    Ps to Matthew: Admitting to reading Oh No They Didn’t? Have you no shame???? 🙂

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Not a scrap.

  3. antiaphrodite says

    beck??? *sigh* as if my day wasn’t hard enough.

  4. Matthew,

    To quoth King Lear:

    “Nothing can be made out of nothing…”

    The problem is – and this really shows the basement level intelligence of celebricity – L. Ron Hubbard is on record SAYING that he started Scientology as a money-making scheme.

    That’s all there is to it. Meanwhile, these empty shells we look to as the “makers of manners” (Henry V, that time) are pouring their souls into it, I suspect, as some sort of psychic or spiritual Amway scheister deal.

    I have a friend who believes that the motives of religions can be reduced to greed – how can we separate a sucker from his money? In the case of Hollywood’s fascination with Scientology, I heartily agree – and it couldn’t happen to a better lot, says I.

    By the way: if you want to know where Hubbard probably got his idea for targeting Hollywood, you should read, or reread, “The Loved One” by Waugh. It’s all in there, baby!

    As our diocese chancellor would say about scandals in the Church: follow the money, it will get you the information you need everytime…


  5. Matthew Lickona says

    I’ve heard that “money-making scheme” line before, but I haven ‘t been able to track down where he’s actually on record saying it.
    Have you seen it somewhere?

  6. AnotherCoward says

    heeeeey … now don’t go knocking Scientology … don’t you guys know that you can be a Scientologist and anything else … I mean look at Cruise and Holmes … They are Catholic … or at least, were Catholic … once upon a time …

    Maybe the Church should enter into ecumenical discussions with Scientology? That sounds like a whole lot of fun waiting to happen 🙂

  7. Matthew Lickona says

    Yes, we have the confessional, they have the e-meter. We have the Fall of Man, they have the alien invasion. We have The Passion, they have Battlefield Earth.

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