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My machine is still in the shop, so there probably won’t be much today, but here’s this to help while away the time:

Sam Torode, author of several books, book-jacket designer, artist (check his G.K. Chesterton sketch), and, most importantly, cartoonist (okay, maybe not most importantly to everyone), has gone and written a novel. He’s on his third draft. He’s also gone and started a blog about being a first-time novelist: Always Emerging. His website is Do check it out.


  1. Matthew,

    Good. At least SOMEONE got to write about the Torodes!


  2. Rachel Swenson Balducci says

    I just started reading Torode’s Body and Gift. Very good. The school my boys attend is using his books to teach Theology of the Body in the upper school.

  3. I think the man is cool because he writing about a man going to Texas. What can I say? I know, “Texas, our Texas, all hail the mighty state, boldest and grandest…” And to think, all the world’s population can fit in this Eden of the West! I heard that Dante had actually placed Texas at the top of Mt. Purgatory, but he decided the Garden of Eden was a better choice because the maps of purgatory would have to be too big to fit Texas.

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