Mistakes Were Made

Meryl Zegarek of Meryl Zegarek Public Relations, bless her heart, has gone and very sweetly confused me with somebody important. It started with a review copy of Mark McGinnis’ The Wisdom of the Benedictine Elders (foreword by Joan Chittister (!)). Then, yesterday, I received The C.S. Lewis Chronicles, and a tearsheet from PW reviewing Pope Benedict XVI: A Personal Portrait by H.J. Fischer. (Apparently, a copy of that last one is in the mail.) “Dear Editor,” reads the note at the top of the tearsheet. “I’ve sent you a copy of this new book – hope you will consider a review.”

The books were sent to the San Diego Reader offices, where my title is Staff Writer, and on a good day, Wine Editor. “Poor Zegarek PR,” I thought. “They think I’m a books editor – ha! Our Books Editor has a best seller, a NYT Notable, two NEA grants and a Guggenheim! I’m just a punk with a first book! It’s not as if I have a forum to spout off about boo…”

Oh. Right. The blog.

Tell ya what, Meryl Zegarek: I’ll chalk it up to providence. Maybe I’m getting this stuff for a reason. Watch this space for a review of The C.S. Lewis Chronicles. We’ll see what happens.

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