Let’s Go to the Movies!

…and see a documentary about a victim of priestly sexual abuse.

I’m curious. Looks like it’s already aired on HBO, and is opening in NY and SF this weekend. If anybody out there’s seen it, I’d love to hear thoughts.


  1. Sine Metu says

    Have not seen it yet, but I think I know what to expect. As a Catholic attorney involved in clergy abuse litigation, I have seen video footage (or read transcripts) of roughly 100 victims who were abused by Catholic priests. Though each person has a unique tale, it is remarkable how consistent the damages are. While editing footage, we would literally have one victim begin a sentence and have another finish it.

    The consequences of sexual abuse are profound, but there seems to be something particularly damaging when the abuse occurs at the hands of a priest. The betrayal of trust is like no other. Unlike my generation, victims from older generations seem to have had more of a sense that the priest was acting in persona Christi. To be sexually abused by a priest was tantamount to being betrayed by God Himself. One can hardly imagine the resulting fallout. Feeling betrayed by God, these victims more often than not lose their faith, the one thing that makes such suffering intelligible, and perhaps somewhat endurable.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Thank you for this.

  3. I got to hear the director speak when he was at Sundance in Park City last January. He’s a professed atheist, but certainly seemed fairhanded enough in person. He was speaking to a group of young Christian film students. Haven’t seen the film though.

  4. Marybeth says

    I saw an excerpt on Oprah. Sorry..I do watch her sometimes at 11 PM when I can’t sleep. I thought the victims had lived such a life of deep pain and suffering. It was a bit graphic when they showed videotape of one victim telling his daughter about his abuse. Very heartbreaking! I didn’t find the show anti-Catholic just sad, confusing and depressing.

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