Kids’ Songs II

You get kids, you make up songs, revisited:

I once knew a boy
Who just liked to eat
He’d walk into the kitchen
And sit at his seat

Then he’d roar roar roar
For more more more

Bring more peanuts more popcorn
More candy more cake
More eggs and potatoes
More chicken and steak

I don’t know why it works to have him asking for dessert first; it just does.


  1. AnotherCoward says

    I’m not so talented as you:

    We love pizza!
    Yes we do!
    And our favorite part
    Is the Pepperoni, too!

    This song can last as long as 30 minutes. Very cadenced. Clapping the beat is necessary. Wiggle dance is encouraged and helps keep things going.

    Grandpa-B has much better songs, though. He’s the one that actually got my almost-3 year old singing earlier this year.

  2. Deep Furrows says

    Someone once said that if you can’t sing about it, it’s not real. Here’s an oldie:
    nighty night for Paul Paul, Paul Paul’s sleepy time
    so hush your little Paul Paul mouth . . . and close your Paul Paul eye eye eye

  3. Anonymous says

    My favorite (my own invention):
    Mary Had a little lamb… with mint jelly and peas.

    It followed her to school one day…the lamb was in her lunch box.

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