Sopranos Season Five

Episode six saw the return of Father Phil, just in time to tell Carmella that her affair was sinful. He’s like Bridey in Brideshead Revisited – doctrine without heart. But Father Phil doesn’t even get the doctrine right, not all the way. “This man fulfills certain desires…” he begins. “But didn’t God give me the desire?” answers Carmella. If that doesn’t take you into the mystery of suffering, and that only after an affirmation of humanity’s bottomless need to love and be loved, then I think you’ve missed the boat, pastorally and otherwise.

So this is me, standing by the water cooler, what, about two years after everyone else has had this conversation?


  1. AnotherCoward says

    been reading through theology of the body for beginners by chris west… has excellent, excellent things to say about marriage. Something from just the introduction was able to make it onto my blog. …it makes me a little sad that it seems to have been passed over by some of my Reformed brethren for comment… but at least a seed is planted.

    (I’m such a shameless blog pimp)

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