Jet Lagged

Okay, we’re back in chilly, cloudy, Southern California, bracing for the return to work and the attempt to figure out what I meant by “transgressive” in the previous post (thanks for your comments). I know it wasn’t necessarily about mores – it was about the inner goings-on of the artist, pushing past something interior. Gad, this sounds silly.


  1. Susan Peterson says


    Now that you are back on that side of the world…one of my brood is over there right now, a mere 150 or so miles away in Los Angeles and will be there until June 9. This is #7, John (Matthew is his middle name by the way) who just graduated from St. John’s on May 15. I thought he was going into political science but I was just talking to him and he has some kind of idea about becoming a screen writer and has ideas about movies. I think they are ideas about movies which would have an ethical or moral message without seeming to be moralizing…but don’t quote me to him as this wasn’t how he put it. I wonder if he could come visit you?
    I don’t have your email here at work although I do have it at home.(also I think maybe you get notified when your blog is updated and this comes to your attention, crafty and devious I am…) I think you probably still have mine. Let me know if this could work out.
    How does it feel to be considered a GOOD INFLUENCE and a POSITIVE EXAMPLE for the young? 🙂 Don’t tell him I said that, either.

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