Hope is a Virtue

There are times, reading about the infinite perfections of God, about the beatitude and endless wonder of His visage, that the hope falters. Can this possibly be true? Isn’t it just the fondest wish of the human heart? Anselm’s That-Than-Which-Nothing-Greater-Can-Be-Thought?


  1. Deep Furrows says

    I prefer the later formula worded thusly: greater-than-that-which-may-be-conceived.

  2. antiaphrodite says

    it’s quite possible. and it is true.

  3. When I try with my tiny brain to think logically about the existence or lack thereof of God, I always think of Churchill’s description of democracy: “the worst form of government there is, except for all the others.” The idea of God is preposterous, absurd, not grounded in our enlightened scientific understanding. The only thing more preposterous is the idea that the universe dreamed itself into being. A rather deistic beginning, to be sure, but once I start with the idea that there has to be a God who created the universe, it’s not that hard for me to believe that He presumably has some interest in His creation, and might communicate with his creatures and even become incarnate among them…. As imperfect as my understanding of both theology and science may be, I don’t think that I will ever encounter anything that alters these fundamental realities.

    I enjoy the irony that our society has raised materialism practically to the level of a religion, yet it’s the very existence of the physical universe that makes belief in God inevitable. At least to my tiny brain.

  4. Perry Lorenzo says

    How beautiful! How staggeringly beautiful are the infinite perfections of God! Matthew: what exactly were you reading? Tell us, so that we too can go and read it!

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