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…called People of the Book – all about the nightmarish phantasmagoria that is Catholic Book Publishing. Go comment on the “Christian Chick Lit” thread, if you’ve a mind to. I don’t buy into the whole notion of baptizing the genre and making it fit for Christian readers, but I do wonder if there’s a market out there – young urban Catholic women interested in reading about women much like themselves… Plus, it seems like an area ripe for comedy. In this chapter, Patience goes to her local Catholic Singles Group. Hilarity ensues. (No, I’m not bagging on CSG’s per se…)


  1. antiaphrodite says

    if the story’s good, i guess i’ll read it.

    “Christian chick”! i do not think i ever imagined that phrase would be invented.

  2. Anonymous says


    From the reinventing the wheel dept.:

    We ALREADY HAVE Christian Chick lit: Jane Austen.

    (And by the way, it’s also suitable for Christian men who want to know the ins and outs of being a Gentleman.).

    literary if not literal,


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