First Son…

… oh, what a clever child…

“Matthew, this is your conscience,” came the voice through my office window. It was oddly familiar, but not quite the same as my own voice – just like a conscience might sound. In fact, it was almost like my son speaking through a megaphone…

“You need to visit, and you need to let your son sit at the computer! You’re not doing it! Do it, do it, do it!”

Such an insistent conscience.

Then it stopped. Suddenly, inexplicably, my son’s head appeared at the office window.

“Hey, Dad. I think I heard your conscience.”

“It was telling me to do something, son, but I couldn’t quite tell what.”

“I think it was telling you to go to, and to let me watch it.”

And always let your conscience be your guide…


  1. So does this mean your conscience is a DC man? They say the new “Batman” movie is one that finally gets it right. Can’t wait to see it. Especially since it’s supposed to be light on the CGI (I think that 30 years from now, the CGI Spider-Man stuff is going to look as unreal to us as King Kong does today).

  2. Anonymous says

    True, Darren, but nothing will look as unreal as that stupid lizard Obi Wan is riding around on in ROTS.

    The New York Times is all over the Batman movie today. Very positive review.



  3. Matthew Lickona says

    I think the lizard was Lucas finally getting to redo his Tauntauns from hoth without the classic Harryhausen stop-motion jerkiness. But as you note, it had a special, silly unreality all its own.

    Darren, you may be right about Spider-Man’s CGI effects in 30 years, but 20 years ago, just the idea of a Spider-Man movie was enough to make kids swoon – “Wouldn’t it be so cool if…” So the movies fed a 20-year jones, and that was probably enough.

    I’m certainly excited about the new Batman, though what I wanted more than anything was a screen version of the Mazzuchelli/Miller Batman Year One miniseries – the parallel stories of Gordon and Batman. Possibly my favorite comic ever. And I grew up in a Marvel home.

  4. the conscience of matthew lickona says

    Matthew, this is your conscience.

    Don’t shut down the blog. Let people keep reading whatever is on your mind. Don’t do it! Don’t shut down the blog!

  5. AnotherCoward says

    my… what a persistent conscience 😉

  6. Anonymous says

    Harryhausen? I’m not familiar with that, but deep in my bones I think you are making a reference to Jason and the Argonauts or Clash of the Titans. Warm?

    Come to think of it, was there a mechanical owl on the tauntaun in TESB?


  7. Matthew Lickona says

    Red hot. Ray Harryhausen (sp?) was the king of stop-motion animation, and Clash was one of his masterpieces. But I don’t remember the owl on the tauntaun (though The Owl on the Tauntaun has a wonderful ring to it, a variation of The Elephant in the Room…)

  8. For the record, I meant no disparagement of the “Spider-Man” movies, which are quite good and quite above average I think, as far as super-hero fare goes. I just remember a few CGI jumping-around moments that didn’t quite seem to have bodily motion in gravity down right. Man, how good do the fx in those old Superman movies seem, 25 years on? I still don’t think they’ve really dated (though of course they were much simpler).

    Even though I haven’t bought any comic books in 20 years or so, I remember that Miller/Mazzuchelli series, and still have the original comic books back in my parents’ basement. I agree with you that it might be the best Batman story ever, even better than the Dark Knight (which I also liked).

  9. antiaphrodite says

    what’s this about shutting down the blog? i just got here!

  10. Matthew Lickona says

    I’ll hold off shutting it down for now, if only becuase of your fascinating name…

  11. antiaphrodite says

    oh good, that’s a relief! 🙂

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