We Can Explain

We think we might have an explanation for this, besides the perhaps more obvious “The man is unhinged.” Tom Cruise is still smarting from the impression Ben Stiller did of him way back when on the Ben Stiller Show. The skit where he had Tom turning his most famous movie roles into a Broadway revue. This is Tom doing his best Ben Stiller, when Stiller is in his angry, helpless, freaking-out mode. Now all we need to complete the circle is for Ben to riff on Tom’s impression…


  1. AnotherCoward says

    dude… you just sent me to an *nsync fan forum. I feel gross now…

    …and betrayed!!! You had me thinking you were this personality of cool… tricking me with talk of NIN and Johnny Cash and R.E.M. and U2…

    Little did I know you were a Timberlake fanboi. Next thing you’ll be quoting Britney lyrics for blog posts… :shudder:


  2. Well, so much for Mr. Cruise’s conviction to bring about “…a world without insanity…”

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Everybody’s talking
    All this stuff about me
    Why don’t they just let me live
    I don’t need permission
    Make my own decisions
    That’s my prerogative…
    How ya like them apples, AC? Not only am I quoting Brit Brit in my reponse to your comment, I’m quoting Brit Brit covering Bobby Brown. Like a New Kid on the Block, I’m Hangin’ Tough, baby!
    I got the link from Defamer.com. I’m not a Timberlake fanboi; I’m something worse: a consumer of snarky Dentonverse(TM) gossip.
    Sorry for any trauma I may have caused. Serves you right for thinking I was anything like cool.

  4. AnotherCoward says

    You’re too good at being so bad… …and the fact that I just wrote that should give us all cause for concern.

    …you keep this up, and God will punish you by bringing this music to a parish near you – that being where ever you go. I have a pretty good feeling how you’d handle that 😉

    Here I was thinking you were using your powers for awesome… not just good.

    …my little world is crashing down around me…

  5. The Elusive Scotsman says

    Hey, I was just reading the back entries, and I noticed you are a Tom Waits fan….any favorites? I have MP3 copies of “The Piano Has Been Drinking”, “A little Drop Of Poison”, and “Invitation to the Blues”.

  6. Matthew Lickona says

    “The Piano Has Been Drinking” was my first Tom Waits song, and will forever hold a special place in my heart.
    I like a lot of his stuff, but I fell in love with my wife to The Heart of Saturday Night, an album which hails from his early, normal-growl period. “Martha” from Closing Time has made me well up. That “World Underground” bit that made it onto the soundtrack of Robots was six flavors of cool, as was the cover of “It’s All Right With Me” on Red Hot + Blue. I’d love to hear your MP3s

    AC – I’m only a one-legged dog, but I’m gonna make it!

  7. Rosie is my all-time favorite Tom Waits song. Martha is pretty good too, but Rosie will always have a sspecial place in my own heart.

  8. The Elusive Scotsman says

    That’s awesome; my sisters hate Tom Waits (they think his voice is scratchy) but they can’t break my habit. I will email you the songs, if you’d like.

  9. Anonymous says

    Matthew, Coward, Scotty, Alaric,

    Good to see Tom Waits so well toasted (as he always is anyway).

    What makes his good so good and is bad so completely awful is his genuine interest in songwriting (“oh, and by the way if I sell an album or two, that’s just gravy on the salisbury steak in a porkpie hat, baby!”). But he’s not going to let something like objective beauty get in the way of writing songs more with an affinity to animal noises and bad carburetors than Emmy winning performances….

    In fact, one of the few times he gets it “right” in his later stuff, despite the fact is on “Alice” – “Kommienezuspadt” is Waits at his most manic and most hilarious (musically as well as lyrically). But, as always, the exception tends to prove nothing if not the rule…

    He MIGHT be one of the famous guests you could have coming for dinner, but only if the other guests are Hunter S. Thompson, Joe Walsh and Ezra Pound (P.J. O’Rourke as alternate, in case Pound is broadcasting his freaky credit program stuff on Radio Heaven and God has to throw him in the mental ward (St. Joseph Cupertino in charge, of course!)).

    My two centissimos,


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