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… and I’ll post old poems if I want to!
I’m back in upstate New York this week – just checked out a farm that’s coming up for auction. It wasn’t the one – the bones of the house weren’t right. The land, though…the barn, the hill, the stream, the trees… ah, well.

The Evening Comes

The evening comes
Everywhere and all at once
Rushing out of the sunset
Like Lucifer from the lake of fire
And there is everywhere
And all at once
An evening of things.

The morning comes
streaming slanted slats of gold
Showing me, once again,
Light and shadow
It leaves me
Mourning the difference.


  1. Susan Peterson says

    Are you really moving back here?
    Lots of lovely old farms, old houses, very inexpensive by California standards. You will find the right one!
    Susan Peterson

  2. Anonymous says

    Susan Peterson –

    Please do not encourage him. If Matthew leaves he’ll take my best friend with him. Clearly unacceptable.

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi, Matthew, just wanted to say, don’t you dare build a house on MY PASTURE. Just kidding. Do you really keep up with all these conversations? I’m amazed. I just noticed the Ratzinger post from me?!! That was sweet of you to put it up. Can’t wait to see you guys.

    The Sister-in-law

  4. The Elusive Scotsman says

    Hey, if you leave, there’s less of a chance of me catching you at any alumni reunions. God willing that I graduate, of course. Which I intend to, with His help.

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    We’ll see. We thought maybe the auction place was God giving us a nudge. But it seems otherwise.
    You’re most welcome. I’m sure people would tell you that I do a very poor job of keeping up appearances, let alone conversations.
    You don’t have to graduate to make it into the alumni directory, you just have to sign the Book of Life, er, Matriculation.

  6. Matthew,

    This post is a treasure! Thank you!

    St Blog’s Treasure Hunt

    Pax, Mary

  7. Anonymous says

    “It wasn’t the one – the bones of the house weren’t right”

    And you say you don’t understand poetry!

    Sorry to hear you won’t be coming this side if Mississippi – although anonymous should know she can visit any time, and even stop off here in Wisconsin, as she no doubt will sometime in early September…

    What gives with the poem?

    Not just familiar to me – a treasured souvenir from TAC, after all…


  8. Matthew Lickona says

    I just wanted to put it out there – one of my few mementos from the Muse. “See, she was here! She sat right there! Well, okay, she didn’t quite sit – but she paused, I think, as she sailed in the door and out the window…anyway, this is what I wrote.”

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