Those curious Catholics

I’ve read here and there that the pope favors a “smaller, more creative” Church. This is tremendously appealing to me. Christianity is no longer the dominant culture in this country (to the extent that it ever was), and Catholicism may be regarded as an oddball sect. Well and good. An oddball sect that knows what it’s about and has a mission to bring Christ to the world sounds okay to me.


  1. Speaking about oddball. I am a BA Theology grad. from a small Catholic university in Ohio that taught three years in high school and now find myself swinging a hammer and wearing a tape measure from my belt.

    It all started about a discussion on the pereverse actions that happened in a Columbus high school recently. I tried to explain to my co-workers who are all hard workers that somethings are right and wrong no matter what so and so thinks. Trying to get this into their heads is about the most difficult thing to do. They just don’t get it. It carries severe consequences like looking for truth and trying one’s hardest to abide by that truth. I can only imagine how bizarre I must appear to them. The concept of having the free will to act in any manner seems to be enough proof that a person may think or act anyway they want. They do hold that it is an offense if a person disturbs the free consent of another. But their philosophy of right and wrong pretty much ends there. If a person is consenting, then anything goes. Saying that an action is wrong, if freely consented to, made pretty much no sense whatsoever.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    I’ve got a carpenter-friend staying with me right now, and he insists that all carpenters are well-educated, well-read, and thoughtful people. He’ll be delighted to hear about you.

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