Extremely Minor Artwork

A song that came to me the other day. Think Chet Baker – high, melancholy croon, mellow trumpet accompanying…

Some other guy
Gets to punch your ticket
Some other guy
Gets to ring your bell
Some other guy
Jingles your triangle
Some other guy
Gets to kiss and tell

Some other guy
Knows your lucky number
Some other guy
Tries position forty-two
Some other guy
Has finally found a lover
Some other guy
I just wish it wasn’t you

I know it isn’t sexy
To think about our sex
To parse our carnal poem
To linger and dissect
But our two halves made one thing
That’s broken back in half
And somewhere in your body
Is the part of me that laughs

Some other guy
Listens to you snoring
Some other guy
Waits to fall asleep
Some other guy
Wonders what my name was
Some other guy
Hopes this is for keeps

Don’t worry. I’m keeping my day job.


  1. AnotherCoward says

    If you do make it into a song and people can understand the lyrics then it’ll never sell 😉

    But I think as far as poignancy and substance goes, if you can identify with it in anyway, it sure does strike deep.

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