Because we are more hip than Santiago had thought.

Don’t look now, but First Son makes electronica.

Artist’s notes: “It’s late, I’m tired, and this track sucks. [Aw, he takes after his old man.] I started out mixing a good kick, which I think I did pretty well, but the rest of the track eventually went to hell, mainly because I used too much reverb on everything. Well, I forced myself to finish it and post it for completion’s sake. It’s kind of Trance-y, which is what I was going for (my favorite subgenre of Electronica), with a signature Super Saw Lead and pulsating bass line. Again, I THINK this is Trance; to me, it sounds like Trance. If any expert wishes to refute that, then, be my guest.”

BONUS TRACK: Apparently, the kids these days like this thing called Dubstep…

Artist’s notes: “So, yeah, This isn’t that great a track. I’m still an amateur. But it is one of my better ones, and I thought, ‘Hell, this is good enough to at least put on youtube.’ I THINK it’s dubstep, according to the original definition of the genre, but I don’t pretend to be an expert. Criticism and hatin’ are all okay and encouraged. At least it’s feedback, and that’s kind of the only way I’m gonna get better. As for the name of the track, well, No lyrics, so I could title it anything and it would sound kind of stupid.”