Foote to Percy – Merry Christmas!

“Man, Christmas really hit me wrong…A hell of a Christmas; I don’t care if it never comes again.” – 26 Dec 1952

“Christmas, humbug.  It broke up a long stretch of work.” – 30 Dec 1957

“There went Christmas; good riddance.” – 19 Jan 1970

“Lord God, here comes Christmas.  Rackafrax, from start to finish except for the turkey and stuffing and giblet gravy; that I like.  There used to be some sort of movement for putting Christ back in Christmas.  Absurd.  It couldn’t be done.  He wouldn’t fit.” – 11 Dec. 1973

SPECIAL BONUS CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM UNCLE WILL – “God, Christmas was awful as usual.”

“Merry Christmas; or rather, by the time you get this, congratulations for having got through it.  Bah, humbug, I always say, and I say it more fervently with every year that passes.” – 24 Dec 1977