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“Phone a Friend”

That night
Your voice
Was just right
I had no choice
But to ask
If you would
Accept the task
If you could
Embrace the wonder
Of being
Embrace the blunder
Of seeing
Me through the haze
For the rest of your days.

Blue, Tangled up in

Something from the Potter down-and-out audio files.

Mack in Spokane

Warning: there’s some f-bombs and such … but my hometown Spokane downtown looks pretty funny-fine here. And the production turnaround time is impressive — we saw them filming this downtown just a month ago or so. The video is epic. Lots to see, including a moose head motorbike and Ken Griffey, Jr. in multiple cameos.

Managed to catch Macklemore himself for a photo op with a Potter daughter, yo:

Holland and Mack

Tagged: Death

A fun little jaunt through the last 700 1,400 years of death.

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‘the kitten games of syntax and rhetoric’

He [i.e., Lactantius] delighted in writing, in the joinery and embellishment of his sentences*, in the consciousness of high rare virtue when every word had been used in its purest and most precise sense, in the kitten games of syntax and rhetoric. Words could do anything except generate their own meaning.

–Evelyn Waugh, Helena (New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2012), Nook edition, chap. 6, p. 8.

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Story 2

The Show

Bob and Bono were cops. Homicide detectives, to be exact. And buddies. They were also the stars of a reality TV show called Murder Dicks. On top of that, they had both recently begun attending confirmation classes at St. Abigail’s Catholic Church.

This is their story.


Story 1

The Audition

Roxanne was a character in a story but she was also a real person and she sometimes felt confused about which was which. Her boyfriend Tom was a poet who wrote sonnets on demand for a greeting card company called Sonnets on Demand. Roxanne and Tom had met seven months earlier when Tom had left his phone in a bathroom stall in the men’s restroom at the Davenport Hotel and Roxanne, very drunk and fairly disoriented, had mistakenly entered the wrong restroom to pee, found the phone — which looked exactly like hers — sitting there on top of the stainless steel toilet paper dispenser, and had absent-mindedly slipped it into her purse. She had been surprised to find the extra phone in her purse the next morning, and intrigued by the half-written Elizabethan sonnet that appeared on the screen when she turned it on.

But that’s another story for another day. Right now Roxanne was lying in bed next to Tom, plagued by insomnia, staring at the ceiling as insomniacs so often do, and trying to find a foothold somewhere in the chaos of her swirling thoughts.

Existential Dissonance V