Going Pro

Why yes, I did actually get paid to play the Director of the British Museum on a radio drama that is basically the Creationist version of Johnny Quest.  Why do you ask?  More importantly, do you need someone to do voice work?

Today in Porn: Harmless Edition


I’ll let Videogum explain, but yeah, it’s a Blair Witch-style movie about porn.

Anvil or Hammer

On one side of my family: Huguenot refugees, who settled in America to escape the power of Catholic France.

On the other side: Minh Mang, aka the ‘Nero of Indochina’, scourge of Vietnamese Catholic converts and missionaries.

Gives a certain frisson to the singing of ‘Faith of Our Fathers’, let me tell you.

Seriously, Blue Like Jazz was better than it had any right to be.

The hilarious thing is that when I had my marketing meeting with Loyola for Scapulars, someone asked if there was any way I could get tied in with the book and its Emergent Christian following.  “No,” said my editor, “Matthew is most definitely Catholic.”  And now we get a film that hinges on a confessional scene with an anti-Pope!  Hilarious.

Know Your Heresies: Sabellianism

One Liam in Three Persons (2010), digital painting by Timothy Lim

The Holy Tri-Neeson (2011), T-shirt graphic by Timothy Lim

Encyclopædia Britannica has more.

The upshot: While we don’t know many of the specifics of the Sabellian heresy, we do know it was a variant of the Modalist heresy. Modalism is, briefly, the notion that the Holy Spirit, the Son, and perhaps — depending on the kind of Modalism in question — the Father, are not essential to God’s Being. Rather (says Modalism), the one God (who may or may not be identical with the Father) is like an actor; the Persons of the Trinity (or, at least, the Holy Spirit and the Son) are like roles the one God plays.

I find that almost all attempts to explain Trinitarianism have to pass through Modalism early on.

And then what if…

Mr Hazel Motes met Mrs Melrose Ape?

“Like Tim Tebow – But Undercover.”

File under:  muscular Christianity.


Just what you’ve all been waiting for:  another installment of Lickona and a Jew talk Christmas.

Round One:  Positively Irenic!

Round Two:  Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy.

And now, Round Three:  A Jew’s Favorite Christmas Movies.

Well, now, looky here…

…them there godless libruls at the New York Times done gone and wrote up some nice things about a Christian philosopher!

Setting the Hook

Go here, listen from 14:30 to 27:00.  The bit about cleaning up the devil off the floor is an O’Connor story in real life.  But it’s all amazing, if rough on faith.