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Childhood was cool.

This is my brother’s Facebook header right now.  The Captain America shield in the background is an old trash can lid, lovingly transformed lo these many years ago.  With authentic battle damage!

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I was so much older then …

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Down & Out in Louisiana in 1991

Dispatch from the Edge of Sleep


To hurl—on wheels and board—oneself upon
A curving plane that uses gravity
To bring a blending of geometry and bone

Is one way to describe the breaking dawn
Of simple unexpected sanity
That turns the wheels and board one’s self’s upon

When dropping in and tuning out the spawn
Of shallow crowded life’s cacophony
To bring a bending of geometry and bone

Pythagorean-like when now it hits the brain
Reflecting back from later history
To hurl the wheels and boards these thoughts are on,

To wonder at one’s youth and scattered train
Of visions climbing caves of memory,
To blink at blinding light’s geometry and bone,

To light the heavens up, undone, alone,
For one sweet moment’s flagrant mystery,
To hurl—on wheels and board—oneself upon
The burning blending of geometry and bone.

Classic Godsbody

The Last Catholic Shout (including a typically incisive comment by our friend, Cubeland Mystic)

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Here Comes the Sun Again

I was just reading and enjoying JOB’s latest drank-drink piece. His reference to “Here Comes the Sun” jangled something in the memory banks, so I searched the blog and found this, which also coincidentally includes a comment from Quin regarding the time he spent in Japan.

Hey, didn’t you used to be somebody?

Once upon a a time, I made cartoons.  Apparently, I’ve gone and made another one.

Pensées by Blaise

I picked up Pascal’s Pensées for a reread in 1991 (having read them first about five years earlier) and jotted down the following notes:

Like a casual conversation over tea–casual, easygoing, pithy, humorous–and yet matters of such weight, intensity, honesty, transparency, and truth. Pascal is like Kierkegaard sans angst and misanthropy–someone you would genuinely like to meet.

My favorite: “Man is so inevitably mad that not to be mad would be to put a mad twist to madness.”

Yeah! I think I’m due for another reread. Korrektiv Summer Reading Klub, anyone?

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

I read The Metamorphosis back in 1992, and scribbled down these notes:

“How we treat the marginalized and the suffering of others. Impatience, indifference, disgust. (Auden’s poem.) That’s one thought this story prompted. An interesting story but I was a little disappointed. I expected more or a tour de force. Maybe it was the translation, but it struck me as almost amateurish. Kafka is a conundrum. I guess style and technique may not be his forte; as C.S. Lewis pointed out, myth making is.”

Now I’m wondering if my judgment was impaired; thinking I need to re-read. Korrektiv Summer Reading Klub, anyone?