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How the heck did I miss this?

Miss Ellen interviews Mr. Matthew … and does crackerjack job of it.

Join the fray…

USA. New York. 1950.

Where they discuss the not-so-usual suspects – including you and you and you and you and and you and you and…!


Mel Gibson’s Sunset Boulevard?

Mel Gibson’s Sunset Boulevard.

A Scene from Surfing with Mel

I got to messing around on the Internet last night. Warning: F-bombs and such …

For the Discerning Gentleman Reader

SPOTTED: Korrektiv Press titles in exclusive holiday gift guide for men.

Also: the aforementioned horseys.

Inside the Mind of Mel

Go ahead, take a peek.

Thanksgiving Special

Today only, download the Kindle edition of Surfing with Mel for a mere 99¢ and get a free turkey while supplies last.

Wait a minute … we’re out of turkeys. So … er … today only … well, not only today, but … yes, only … 99¢. Get yours today!

Image credit: Ryan Charles Trusell (yes, that Ryan Charles Trusell) by way of Seinfeld.

P.S. We love ya, Mel!


Ryan Charles Trusell, of Ora et Labora et Zombies fame, reluctantly ventures into Kindleland for the love of Lickona:

This weekend I broke down and bought my first kindle book….

Lickona’s story, and perhaps the whole Mel Gibson saga writ large, acts as a kind of Rorschach test, especially for Catholics. Tell me what you think about it and I can probably tell you something about yourself, like a proper sideshow carny. My one-word descriptor, if forced to give it, would be “heartbreaking”.

Read the entire review here: Lethal Capon.


I went to a readers’ theater presentation of The Real Inspector Hound yesterday (which was absurd), and found myself a half-stroll from here. (Thanks, notrelatedtoted!)

Mr Potter, was that poem you wrote about throwing baseballs at a target autobiographical? If so, we need:

  1. A Spokane-to-SoCal plane ticket for Potter;
  2. A copy of Surfing with Mel in Word or PDF format, saved on a flash drive; and
  3. A baseball with a cavity carved in it to accommodate said flash drive.

Now then, Mr Potter: See those big corner windows?

Surfing with Mel interview at The Ironic Catholic

Though I am ever mindful of Potter’s warning against overexplaining, I seem to have gone and done an interview about Surfing with Mel with longtime Friend of Korrektiv The Ironic Catholic.  Many, many thanks for her interest and fine questions.