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Bird’s Nest in Your Mail

Bird’s Nest in Your Dappled Things

Mr Hren interviews Mr Jobe … and does a crackerjack job of it.

Join the fray…

USA. New York. 1950.

Where they discuss the not-so-usual suspects – including you and you and you and you and and you and you and…!


I wonder what Diana would think of this

Here’s an interesting cover of the obscure Bob Dylan song from whence Brian Jobe got the title of his novel, Bird’s Nest in Your Hair.

Another rumor has it that one of the topless girls was reading Bird’s Nest in Your Hair.

One less thing for Potter and JOB to worry about…


Looking for a copy of Bird’s Nest in Your Hair


Today in Porn: Life Imitates Art Edition

This news flash just in from Melbourne by way of our La Crosse office:

A Southern Health dental hygienist ceased work a day after being told dozens of images of her posing explicitly in the Cranbourne clinic were posted on a members-only internet porn site.

Which is as if ripped from the pages of Bird’s Nest in Your Hair, the latest publication from Korrektiv Press:

It took them a couple of trips up the elevator, but other than a dropped item here and there, everything went off without a hitch. While Tom and the others set up cameras and the rest of the equipment in the examination rooms, the performers sat on couches in the lobby, smoking cigarettes and thumbing through copies of Highlights and Ladies Home Journal. One fellow wearing a white lab coat was fiddling around with a tank of nitrous oxide, pressing a mask to his face with one hand while turning a dial with the other.

A couple of guys in tool belts were in the final stages of clearing out one of the overhead lights, deemed an obstruction for one of the more complicated shots. Near the front of the examination room were two women, chatting with a man holding what appeared to be a giant diaphragm. The women were unusually well built. This was obvious enough in their tidy little mauve smocks and white leggings—grossly exaggerated idealizations of dental assistants, judged Tom.

Perhaps they were inspired by the novel. Kind of hope they were, kinda hope they weren’t!

Read the rest of Bird’s Nest in Your Hair, available at

On the Shelf


At Auntie’s Books in Spokane

The Hardback Beast, or, a Tale of Two Books

My friend Brian Jobe’s sleek little paperback bombshell from humble lil’ Korrektiv Press.

My friend Melissa over at Bark muses on the hardback vs. paperback dilemma (soon to be made irrelevant by the eBook phenomenon?):

In the current model, some, but nowhere near all, new releases come out in hardback [e.g. Beautiful Ruins], and then are released later in paperback. The books released in hardback supposedly carry more prestige, and are able to generate more buzz and more reviews, which can lead to better sales, consideration for awards, and so on. However, many books [e.g. Bird’s Nest in Your Hair] are released in paperback, and the conventional wisdom is that it’s harder to generate national publicity for those books, because hardback first editions usually come from big publishers with a lot of marketing muscle, and thus it’s harder to get reviews for first edition paperbacks. More

My friend Jess Walter’s hardback blockbuster from a big bad New York publisher.

My friends and dear readers: Hardback or paperback, eInk or pulpmill stink, it makes no difference. I advise you get your hands on both of these books (buy them, steal them, borrow them, barter firearms for them on the Russian black market; I don’t care how you get them, just get them) and read them at your earliest convenience.