My brother the comedian.

Somebody hire the guy, already. (Don’t forget to turn on sound!)

Happy Feast

sttherese_joan“Yes, yes, a prisoner of Christ, like Paul. Ha ha. Now can we get back to the play?”

Alphonse is kid’s [heavy metal music] stuff.

Look, I’m absolutely not suggesting that anyone should Google the covers of Dynamite Abortion’s Uterosacral Slamputation, Necrocest’s Prenatal Massacre, Impaled’s Choice Cuts, Raped By Pigs’ Squealing to the New World, or Vulvectomy’s Post-Abortion Sl…oh never mind. I’m just noting that when you peruse the collections of “goriest album covers” assembled by the Internet, you do tend to see abortion-related imagery.

Alphonse is kid’s [video game] stuff.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.52.56 PM

Why yes, that is a wailing fetus-thingy in the playable teaser for the Guillermo del Toro-Hideo Kojima collaboration Silent Hills. Why do you ask?

Korrektiv Poetry Kontest, sponsored by J. Crew’s fall lineup

Here, I’ll start:
If you have a Vintage Straight Boyfriend
With a broken-in slouch ’round his rear end
Buy these jeans, they won’t rip
They’re relaxed at the hip
So his butt he can tone with a knee bend.

Today in Stealth Marketing


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Disapproving Dante looks down on me as I sip my Kentucky Buck at Polite Provisions

IMG_20140920_213843 Cheers, old mean. Man. I mean: Cheers, old man.

Paging Dr. Percy


Anybody got a name for the experience of being in one very pleasant place away from home and seeing an image of another very pleasant place away from home that you have in fact visited? There’s a recognition and a thrill. I think maybe it helped also that it was a painting and not a photograph, but I can’t be sure, as I’d been celebrating at the time and this was in the loo.

Wiseblood report: 8 Days and Virtue by FOK Andrew McNabb

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.33.07 AM

On September 18, 2014, Divine Providence Press will publish, under one cover, both 8 Days and Virtue, Andrew McNabb’s book-length prose poem, or “mystical prayer.”  These two works are inextricably linked; as McNabb details in 8 Days, it was at the very moment he typed the period that would end Virtue that his odyssey emphatically began.

In 8 Days, he recounts the ecstatic mystical religious experiences that took place in his life over an eight day period in 2011. With literary attention, this career short-story writer, husband, and father of four details how he was swept up into a place “not quite here” and “not quite there,” a place in which he experienced both the ethereal and the terrifying, the awe-inspiring and the confounding.

Virtue is a paean, a poetic and prayerful work that seeks, also, to be instructive by way of a logical progression which culminates, ultimately, at that highest point on the spiritual mountain: union with Him in true love.  

Order it here.

Paging Dr. Percy


“English poetry and biology should be taught as usual, but at irregular intervals, poetry students should find dogfishes on their desks and biology students should find Shakespeare sonnets on their dissecting boards. The latter, upon reading upon her dissecting board, ‘That time of year thou mayst in me behold when yellow leaves, or none, or few do hang’ might catch fire at the beauty of it.”

— Walker Percy, “The Loss of the Creature”