I Sing the [Theology of the] Body Electric [Extended]

Attention, Korrektiv Summer Reading Klub! Friend of Korrektiv IC done went and wrote a book!

124037-0a5dd56f0c52428590835609fe4d030aSigned copies here. Unsigned copies (plus excerpt) here. Amazonian copies here. Rally, Korrektiv, rally!

Pope John Paul II expected theologians to expand their insights of the 129 lectures given during his Wednesday audiences in St. Peter’s Square and Paul VI Audience Hall between September 1979 and November 1984. However, his integrated vision of the human person — body, soul, and spirit — has rarely gone beyond the popular topics of moral theology associated with sexuality and marriage.

Now, Susan Windley-Daoust, a passionate enthusiast of the theology of John Paul II, devoted spiritual director, and popular Assistant Professor of Theology at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, extends the Theology of the Body to what it means to be human during the experiences of childbirth, impairment, and dying. Are there spiritual signs in these bodily events that are central to the human experience? Oh yes! And the signs mysteriously and wonderfully point to God.

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Note from yesterday’s homily.

IMG_20140420_105716“Faith is being face to face in the dark.”

More variations on a(n Angelic(o)) theme

IMG_20140420_114814From the Laudamus Triduum Missal, illustrations by Daniel Mitsui.

Variations on a(n Angelic(o)) Theme

discesa-al-limbo_EI saw many wonderful things on my 2008 Roman Holiday. But this, on the wall of the 4th-century church sandwiched between a pagan temple to Minvera below and the more recent Basilica of St. Clement above, has stayed with me more than most.

Technology is driving us apart…

…and it isn’t just Facebook!

IMG_20140415_143644Better technology means that you can handle heavy hogs without assistance. Who needs neighbors when you can have gadgets? Gone are the pesky days of community gatherings! Hello, private time! Taken from Rolfe Cobleigh’s Handy Farm Devices, published 1909 by Orange Judd Company.

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…but they’re really, really small, so it’s okay. Second Son made this one.

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