Technology is driving us apart…

…and it isn’t just Facebook!

IMG_20140415_143644Better technology means that you can handle heavy hogs without assistance. Who needs neighbors when you can have gadgets? Gone are the pesky days of community gatherings! Hello, private time! Taken from Rolfe Cobleigh’s Handy Farm Devices, published 1909 by Orange Judd Company.

There be dragons…


…but they’re really, really small, so it’s okay. Second Son made this one.

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Marvel’s Kierkegaardians of the Galaxy: Lost in the Cosmos:


Follow-up to Saturday’s post

I feel like this needs to be played in a movie scene where a priest breaks down and shoots up. But then, I’m a trashy philistine.

Korrektiv, meet Alanna-Marie Boudreau

How To Tell You’re Old, Part IV: People you remember as sweet little moppety children with big eyes and bigger hair on a tiny little body suddenly show up as grownup-type musicians, asking for money to make an album. The Boudreaus are dear family friends; they live in a wonderful old house overlooking a bend in the Tioughnioga River. Here’s a deceptively simple song of Ms. Boudreau’s from a while back:

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Paging Sid and Marty Kroft

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.18.17 PMPillsvillecoming soon! The thrilling adventures of Captain Xanax, the Viscount Viagra, and Princess Progestin!

Paging Dr. Percy

So I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, a film very much about the importance of the artist.

And at the end, there was a note about how the film was inspired by the writings of Stefan Zweig. Over at The New Yorker, Richard Brody shone a little light on the connection. Naturally, that led me to this longer consideration of Zweig in the magazine. Ah – a suicide. And naturally, that led me to this longer consideration of suicide’s resurgence, also in the magazine.

Artists, suicides, Zweig…ah. Of course. A Moveable Piece: Stefan Zweig and Walker Percy’s Problem of Artist-Writer Reentry, Jennifer Levasseur’s very fine presentation (attended by several members of the Kollektiv) at the second Walker Percy Conference (not to be confused with the Walker Percy Weekend, which somehow has yet to be mentioned on this blog).

Perhaps Dr. Percy is not quite as doomed to the past as I had feared. When I applied for the Amtrak writer thingy, I pitched The Last Gentlemen. Hoo!

Vatican discovers case where condom use does not interfere with morality of intercourse