“Too, I found emotionally-charged debates between writers of reviews and their readers, who would fire off vituperative rebuttals of the ignominious stance the reviewer had taken earlier in the pages of the magazine or journal. These rebuttals fairly smoked with high dudgeon, and I could see that the readers had read Walker Percy’s books as if their very lives depended on it (which, of course, in one important sense, they do). These exchanges took on a real-life, win-or-lose significance for me.”
— from the author’s Foreword to Walker Percy: A Comprehensive Descriptive Bibliography, by Linda Whitney Hobson

Thought on Fargo, the TV series.

God is not mocked. Nor is He bargained with. But the man who loves his neighbor as himself might just walk through the valley of the shadow of death and make it to the other side.

Bat out of Hell theme song

JOB est arrivee



This short film features Uma Thurman as Hera, now trapped in the life of an American housewife. The conceit was done better, for my money, in Garrison Keillor’s short story Zeus the Lutheran, but this version does call to mind Ms. Thurman’s previous work as a goddess…

Aphrodite to Hera. Well now.

Today in Biographical Photo Captions


“From his youth when he contemplated suicide, Alec suffered from bouts of depression that were exacerbated by his success. In 1956, his search for a religious or philosophical system that would counteract them ended with his conversion to the Roman Catholic Church.”
Alec Guinness by Piers Paul Read

Eyevis is not Alphonse

But he did make it to MTV.

Who says abortion isn’t funny?

Guitar Hero

William Wilson, guitarist extraordinaire, has a new album out: Spanish Dances for Classical Guitar: Music of Sarasate. It is, to my ear, his finest playing to date. The phrasing, the expression, the [INSERT TRITE BUT INCISIVE SPANISH EXPRESSION HERE]. And best of all, he transcribed the work for the guitar himself. Boo ya, established guitar canon! Anyway, buy it. It’s really good.

Meanwhile, over in South Park…

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.02.14 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.54.31 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.56.58 PM

…”going fetal” is taking on a whole new meaning.