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A reading of Sherman Alexie’s “That Place Where Ghosts of Salmon Jump”

A Fellow Named Webb

A fellow named Webb there once was
Who was hounded and harassed by the fuzz
For committing a crime
Every single time
He just did what everyone else always does.


Tulips for Elsie

Source: The Writer’s Almanac, 2/1/21

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Words of the Day: Doggerel

A new book by Brian Jobe we sort of forgot to mention last year.

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Korrektiv’s poet-trumpeter Chris Cook goes viral on TikTok for his covers of popular songs

Barker, Bully, Bernie, and JOB

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The Keillor Treatment

Don’t the second two raise questions about the first one?

Inauguration Day

Just for kicks

How MLK Composed “I Have a Dream”


Rerun of a poem from House of Words and Mary Karrs birthday featured today on the rehabilitated Writer’s Almanac.

The Writer’s Almanac for Saturday, January 16, 2021

Compare and Contrast

What Child Is This?

A lovely piece from an old friend down San Diego way