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McQ Driving Tour of Seattle

The answer is yes, since you are no doubt wondering: in a phantasmal sort of way I really am McQ. This video from a 1970 movie starring John Wayne includes an excellent tour of Seattle. The beginning is also a pretty fair approximation of Metro Transit route 36 at the base of Beacon Hill, which I drive a couple of days a week, and the whole tour is a fair approximation of how I prefer to drive it. And I suppose the tables are then turned, as the interview at the end is a fair approximation of a number of discussions I’ve had with Supervision regarding that driving (Wayne becomes Webb and Q becomes a delivery man, if you’re bothering to follow this overextended, metaphorical inside joke).

As an extra special bonus, McQ takes us right by my home, between 3:45 and 4:05, as well as the future site of one of my favorite local eateries.