Winter Reverie Whilst Walking

My nose
Is froze
And so’s
My toes*

* Poetic license, my toes are fine.


  1. Response in
    My Johnson
    Is done, son.


  2. Louisa Orrock says

    I don’t know that I am correct on this but I wondered if I was punished for not making conditions acceptable for my tenants while I was away. I have a double system of heating because the central heating is too dangerous but two of the extra radiators I had in the flat are now unusable. These heaters also emit some kind of ‘spirit’ so that the flat without them on seems unnaturally cold. I did think I ought to have done something about the mattresses and have bought one thin topper mattress since I got back for one of the beds, no yet for the other. They may not have had money for that sort of thing, although they knew they’d be in the flat for 6 months, and I bought bedding for hotel rooms even.

  3. Louisa Orrock says

    It’s possible that someone through out the tenants or they were fake tenants, paid me the £700 per month including bills, and rented out the rooms for more. They might be able to exceed the amount in summer but I doubt it in winter.

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