“Natural order? You sound like one of those insane Neo-Catholics.”


…is an actual line of dialogue from Altered Carbon, Netflix’s dense and gorgeous sci-fi series about life after death has been digitally defeated. Consciousness has been codified, so you can get “spun up” into a new bodily “sleeve” for all eternity — provided you have the means. But wouldn’t you know it, there’s this weird bunch of religious zealots who object — who make noises about soul and body having more to do with each other than ghost and machine, who think it devilish to deny death and what comes after. Who make noises about human dignity. Remarkable.

It’s chock full of sex and violence, and the dialogue isn’t always the strongest, and the acting isn’t always spot-on. But there’s a lot there, and I’m kinda fascinated. It’d be fun to see some smart Catholic critic dig into it. Heh.


  1. Big Jon Bully says

    Good to know. I started the first episode a few days ago, but it seemed a bit nihilistic, so I gave up because it is painful to get into a new relationship and feel betrayed at the end (see Battlestar Galacta and many others).

    Fargo and Burn Notice didn’t let me down though.

    So hard to commit.

    • I know the feeling. And it’s not perfect. But what fun to have Catholic principle be a crucial factor in a murder mystery, a la I Confess, and also a serious characteristic.

  2. I’ll check it out. I had knee surgery a few weeks ago and have been on Netflix quite a lot lately. Indeed, while watching “The Keepers” over the last few nights, I wondered out loud “ what does Lickona make of this?”

    I’m a glutton for True Crime, and the fact that it’s the story of a team of grandmothers doing police work that was ignored for half a century make it a winner for me. Miss Marple + Spotlight + True Confessions, basically.

    Will check out Altered Carbon tonight.

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