Everybody Knows


Everybody knows the devil is a liar
Until he starts in calling out your tune
Everybody knows there’s danger in desire
Until you’re caught beneath that laughing moon
You never see the mine until it blows
Cuz you don’t know what everybody knows

Everybody knows forever is a daydream
And love’s a ghost who’s only passing through
A man just like a deer caught in the highbeam
A woman waiting on the words “I do”
He asks and she says yes and so it goes
Cuz they don’t know what everybody knows

But someone told the truth and shamed the devil
And someone bound love with a band of gold
And to answer any charge you’d care to level
They’ll repeat the sweetest story ever told
This world holds more beauty than it shows
And no one knows what everybody knows


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    To the tune of …

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Actually, no … it messes with the rhythm. Just a little.

    Great poem! The line that really grabbed me? “Until you’re caught beneath that laughing moon”.

    I hate it when that happens. Damn moon.

  3. Lemme guess … a Charlie Daniels type of thing?

    • Nah, more of a plaintive bass croon. But I do love that Primus video. (And Lord help me, I love the cover Rednex does of it, using the same video.)

      • Million Mile Reflections was my first album ever. I received it for Christmas when it came out in 79.

        TDWDTG: Three songs in one, all fit within the shoebox space of your typical pop song – how many other songs out there can make that claim?

        And it looks to be that the song aged well, if the resulting and recent cover madness over it is any indication.

      • The chickens take this video to a whole nother level!

        But was the Devil really beat? I ask in all sincerity … I mean, of course I want Johnny to win this contest. After all, his opponent is THE DEVIL. But I think he sounded pretty darn good. There should’ve been a tiebreaker, at the very least.

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