Rally, Korrektiv, rally!

Take up our struggle to print books;
To you, from failing press we look.
Some cash? It’s yours, so spend it well.
If ye break fifteen grand, that’s swell!
We shall rejoice. By hook or crook
Shall Wiseblood last.


  1. Louise Orrock says

    Yesterday I bought The Education of Henry Adams, An Autobiography. In it, in a chapter on the grammar of science, I found one of the best quotes against science:

    “[I]n 1904 Arthur Balfour announced on the part of British science that the human race without exception had lived and died in a world of illusion until the last years of the century.” The Education of Henry Adams, An Autobiography, 1918.

  2. Louise Orrock says

    i remember reading someone’s quotation, Americans hate smarts. i think they’re more stupid and spiteful over here, however irritating it can get over there.

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