Grace of God and raise your arms…Flood!


So we had a flood – and thought it was a good time to have a craw boil, Nawlins style….


Potatoes, 10 minutes; Chicken thighs, 5 minutes; Corn 3 minutes (after return to rolling boil); crawdads, 3 minutes; Shrimp 3 minutes; sausage (what the hell!). And finished off with Peychaud-laden (five dashes!) Manhattans (actually, at that point, frick! – might as well call them Birminghams!). Then cigars and port wine and conversation. Not a bad way to face the flood.

And her hallway moves
Like the ocean moves
And her hallway moves
Like the sea
Like the sea
She says “no, no, no, no harm will come your way”
She says “bring it on down, bring on the wave”
She says “nobody done no harm”
Grace of God and raise your arms
She says “face it and it’s a place to stay”
This, this is the way it was
This, this is the way it is
When the water come rushing, rushing in
She says
She says “anytime”
Raise your arms
And her hallway
Like…Like…Like a million voices call my name
Like a million voices calling
Not now, not never again…
Sitting here, now in this bar for hours
Strange men rent strange flowers
Seconds to…


  1. Big Jon Bully says

    I had you pegged for a Pabst man:

  2. Big Jon Bully says

    Or maybe this:

  3. Come to Wisconsin and I’ll show you my legendary love for the simple yet durable Hamms…

    The Best Cheap Beer Out There.



  4. Louise Orrock says

    I don’t know who the authors are here. It was my birthday yesterday – my sisters visited on Saturday but the weather here yesterday was better than predicted and my appetite was ok despite some heavy gassing.

  5. Louise Orrock says

    I don’t know who the authors are but I find it mildly interesting that one of the people in the photo looks like an elderly version of my neighbour, Dan, and a couple of the children resemble members of my family and a friend’s son. But what use is the hinting even if when it’s better quality than some of the others, and why were your poems added to my blog spot?

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