Gerasene ’17: Pic, so maybe it really did happen


Lickona, presenting on DFW and Walker Percy and even F. Scott Fitzgerald a little bit, while JOB prepares to anoint DFW as Percy’s successor in more ways than previously imagined (language!), and Hren prepares to anoint Quin as DFW’s successor. Photo taken by the good Bishop of Brownsville, who attended the first Gerasene way back in ’09.


  1. Rufus McCain says

    Let’s get together and call ourselves an institute.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    Also, good going y’all.

  3. I second the institute motion, and you need to just offer an MFA in Catholic creative writing already.

  4. And look! There’s the Darwins in the bottom right corner! All we need is a Betty Duffy cameo to represent the whole gang.

  5. The good bishop of Brownsville was kidnapped on his way to ND and a cleverly made up imposter (a la “Mission Impossible”) took his place. How do we know? The real one handles his tequila better and takes better pictures.

  6. Where’s the coffee press? I don’t see the coffee press. It would make it so…episcopal !


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