BREAKING: Wisconsin Marshmallow Farms Report Bumper Crop

What? Did you think they grew on trees?


marshmallow farm cropped 1

marshmallow farm cropped 2

Early reports indicate that the graham cracker harvest will be equally vigorous this year—although no world yet on how the chocolate season will fare – it all depends on whether the cocoa fish will be as plentiful this year (last year they suffered from a caramel blight, reducing the total intake of chocolate oil for processing).

Film at eleven.


  1. Big Jon Bully says


  2. Father Richard Libby says

    This is great news! I understand that fish doctors have come up with a new treatment for caramel blight. I’m anxious to see whether it’s effective.

  3. Louise Orrock says

    I’m usually too tired from cleaning the flat to read things on here when I remember to look on it. There are still cars driving past and no-one to validate it on my road, nor on nearby valley drive, where I know no-one, and a few teeth have been taken now, although they haven’t all fallen out yet.

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