Do fetuses dream of unborn sheep?


An interesting and astute piece on all things “Phildickian” over at Chronicles:

But Dick also had a conservative side, represented by his strong (if heterodox) religious devotion, his distrust of large bureaucratic structures, and his longtime anti-abortion stance. In the last decade of his life, as he finally began receiving substantial amounts of money for his writing, Dick donated thousands of dollars to pro-life causes. He also wrote “The Pre-Persons,” a powerful story in which parents can abort any child under 12. Yet both the speech by Dick-the-hippie and the story by Dick-the-conservative are recognizably the work of the same man—both, in fact, were produced during the same period of his life. The first endorses rebellion, no matter how nihilistic, against a soulless apparatus of power; rebellion, at least, is human. And the story denies the government the right to define who is a human being, arguing that this will only produce a totalitarian system akin to the one the juvenile delinquents in the speech are rebelling against. One need not be pro-vandalism—or pro-life, for that matter—to approve of the underlying point.

*Dick and Percy: Separated at birth?(!)



  1. Louise Orrock says

    It’s very tragic about fetuses but what about the live children and adults and animals?

  2. Louise Orrock says

    Although I was being sarcastic, obviously it’s not something one wants to have done, and I felt guilty about having one almost thirty years ago now. However, I don’t think women’s lives should be wrecked because of something they did not themselves perform by narcissistic men or by other women.

  3. Louise Orrock says

    I am reminded of Roe vs Wade because I happen to live in Roe Green – a suburb of London – where it has sounded for the last four and a half years like every paedophile in a car or with a pilot licence has been out to get me.

  4. Louise Orrock says

    Apart from organising – I presume – mutilating surgery, I have lost good teeth.

  5. Louise Orrock says

    Even so, they gas me when I eat out (or use the oven or turn on the pc) and punctuate my thoughts at home with electric radiator clicks (I can’t have the central heating on for even five minutes), the volume depending on their interpretation of the mood of the narrative, and occasionally there’s a sensuous drip of the tap.

  6. Louise Orrock says

    And if I go to repair the shed roof, there’s a merry increase in wind, as there has been hail in spring when I’ve returned across the Green from the doctor’s.

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