Images: one of these things is not like the others…

…one of these things/ doesn’t belong…

WARNING: Graphic, unpleasant images after the jump…

wpw40Clockwise from upper left. 1. The disfigured face of Emmett Till, a young black man beaten to death by whites who accused him of flirting with a white woman. The publication of a photo showing his corpse in Jet magazine helped galvanize the civil rights movement. 2. The corpse of Gerri Santoro, who died during a hotel-room abortion attempt conducted by her lover. The photo, published by Ms. magazine, has become “an iconic pro-choice symbol.” 3. Phan Thi Kim Phuc, a nine-year-old Vietnamese girl fleeing a napalm strike on her village, naked because her clothes had been burned off. The photo, published in the New York Times and many other places, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and has become a powerful representation of the terror of war. 4. A manipulative appeal to emotion.


  1. Yep.

    Question: the pencil indicates the 1:1 of the photograph, does it not? Some of us are less familiar with ultrasounds and other markets of progress of life before birth.

  2. The foetus floating in its mason jar
    Seemed stuck in mid-yawn, its eyes closed and mouth
    Agape, as it spun its slow, macabre
    Snake dance with its birth-cord and afterbirth.
    So Father Overbee observed death’s berth,
    But failed to notice Lytlewood regain
    His wits to say, “Ah, see? My son. But truth
    Be known, I can’t recall which whore of mine
    I ripped him from. No. But at any rate he’s mine.”

    Nonplussed, the priest tapped at the vessel’s lid
    And asked, “Do all these obtain to you?”
    And swept his shaking hand around: he stood,
    Encompassing all and noticing too,
    As for the first time, an abject parvenu,
    The room itself – tricked out in decadence,
    A studied sensuality now grew
    On Father Overbee, much like the sense
    Of menace which gleams from surgical instruments.

    “If by that you mean to ask are all these
    Preserved samples of bloody murder mine,
    I must confess I don’t know that yes
    Is truth and no is not. But I have been
    A crucial part of each one. Moving on
    To bigger, if not better things, and so
    Who’d blame me for wanting a specimen –
    A knick-knack, a keepsake, a momento?
    They help recall my life’s every peccadillo…”

    • Broderick Barker says

      Oh hell yeah. There’s a great, great fetus-in-jars mad scientist’s lab in A Cure for Wellness, opening Friday. It’s a glorified B movie, but wow.

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