Opening verse and chorus of pop song sung by young woman who likens her unignorable presence to that of an unskippable ad prior to a YouTube video:

You didn’t come here looking for me
But it doesn’t matter what you came to see
You can try any trick boy that you care to play
But once I get started, you can’t look away

[slow build to chorus]

Try to keep me down but I pop up pop up pop up pop up


Cuz I’m unskippable
Right swipable
So clickable
So likable
Thumbs up put a heart on it

First part of chorus to raucous country song:

Hey bartender
I’m on a twelve-bar bender
Goin’ til I can’t remember
What I started it for


Got to forget how my love
Didn’t work out how it should’ve
Set me up another shot of
That there El Jimador

Chorus to country song sung by wife who is frustrated by her husband’s constant complaints about how she’s changed and doesn’t seem to want him the same way any more:

You’re asking what about me? Well tell me what about you?
Tell me what the hell happened to the man I knew?
The one who rocked my world and stole my heart away?
I gotta fight just to get you to mow the yard
And you got soft where you used to be hard
There’s a lot of things that’ve changed ’round here, that’s true
I’ll take a look at me, tell me what about you?


  1. And not a mention of tequila in the bunch…

    What kind of country music is THAT?



    • Broderick Barker says

      Quiet, you. Let a man gnaw his shame in peace. (Happily, took first step – though not sip – toward remedy just recently.)

  2. Rufus McCain says

    I envision all of these as fragments of the larger Broadway Musical project you are destined to complete in 2037.

    • Broderick Barker says

      Ha ha you said “complete.”

    • or parts of a concept album: It will be called “The Stall” –

      All in all
      You are just another roll
      Of wrong-hung toilet paper
      In the stall…”

      Why aren’t musical folks doing the concept album anymore? I always loved those things…


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