Mammon 1, God 0

I feel a little like General Jack D. Ripper ranting about flouridation. “Ice cream, Mandrake. Children’s ice cream.”

It’s folly, of course, to ask, in instances such as this one, “Is nothing sacred?” Of course something is sacred. Something is always sacred.


  1. I do not avoid consumerism, but I do deny it my essence.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    I love Amazon Prime.

  3. Rufus McCain says

    Next they start sending each other sex toys.

  4. Wait! I heard an anti-Catholic dog-whistling micro-aggression in that pitch for kneepads for a Catholic priest. Did you?

    Where’s my safe space, goddamit?

    And I don’t mean the sanctuary or confessional!


    p.s. The punchline for the commercial is only possible, in part, if you believe a) that the sort of cassocks that hide the “aids” are a valid form of clerical dress in today’s Church and b) your average priest in today’s Church would be wearing a cassock in the first place. Please let me know if such is the case in your parish (Lickona, not you!)

    p.p.s. The effectiveness of this ad is due in part to something II call the “Sister Act” ploy – drag out the skeleton of Traditionalism so there’s no confusion on the part of the audience. (i.e. They had to dress Whoopi in a traddy veil and wimple – because double-stitch polyester pantsuits just don’t communicate “Religious Sister” in quite the same way)


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