Democracy at Work?


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Truly, that which is required for the preservation of life, and for life’s well-being, is produced in great abundance from the soil, but not until man has brought it into cultivation and expended upon it his solicitude and skill. Now, when man thus turns the activity of his mind and the strength of his body toward procuring the fruits of nature, by such act he makes his own that portion of nature’s field which he cultivates – that portion on which he leaves, as it were, the impress of his personality; and it cannot but be just that he should possess that portion as his very own, and have a right to hold it without any one being justified in violating that right. – Leo XIII


  1. Rufus McCain says

    Point, Counter-Point.

    “Make America White Again”.

    • I’m confused – are you pointing to (in order of significance):

      a) the spray-painted walls reported by the network that shat all over itself this election

      b) the kid hitting the Trump piñata

      c) the poor fellow dragged out of his car and having the shit beat out of him because the two gentlemen delivering the beating suspected he was a Trump supporter

      • Rufus McCain says

        My point is that your post is grasping at straws. I can cite ten examples of bad behavior by those inspired by Trump for every one example you dredge up against folks upset by the election. But so what.

    • Cuz, you know, racism.

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