Remember This Guy?


He made his Korrektiv debut here.

And now Hollywood – or at least Czechslovkiawood – found him. 

So now we await the word of a famous film kritik, whom we all know and admire, on whether Korrektiv gets to kollekt any royalties from the movie…




  1. Big Jon Bully says

    Thanks, JOB. Of course the Czechs were ready to resist Hitler before he even invaded and could have possibly repelled an invasion if it weren’t for Chamberlain, who was a precursor to the Clinton/Obama types that prevail today.

    All hail Christian Anarchists.

    Thanks again.

  2. I think the Kollektiv would enjoy it, but the years have passed, and some bits, almost of necessity, have a history-lesson aspect about them. But more to the point: of course we should get royalties. But there’s no justice. Never has been.

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