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Remember This Guy?


He made his Korrektiv debut here.

And now Hollywood – or at least Czechslovkiawood – found him. 

So now we await the word of a famous film kritik, whom we all know and admire, on whether Korrektiv gets to kollekt any royalties from the movie…




  1. Big Jon Bully says:

    Thanks, JOB. Of course the Czechs were ready to resist Hitler before he even invaded and could have possibly repelled an invasion if it weren’t for Chamberlain, who was a precursor to the Clinton/Obama types that prevail today.

    All hail Christian Anarchists.

    Thanks again.

  2. I think the Kollektiv would enjoy it, but the years have passed, and some bits, almost of necessity, have a history-lesson aspect about them. But more to the point: of course we should get royalties. But there’s no justice. Never has been.

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