Now in these dread latter days…


For Michael McAlister

Perhaps it’s later than we think
Perhaps she’s had too much to drink
This motherland that gave us suck
Taught us to make and pass the buck;
But children love the breast they nurse
If things are bad, they could be worse
Is mother drunk? Worse, is she dying?
No matter: while the flag is flying
Come raise a glass and overlook
The tongue that slurred, the hand that shook
There’s more to mother than sobriety
‘Twas she who baked our apple piety
Motherlands, like mothers, die
But ours has seen one more July


  1. Broderick Barker says

    And we’re back. Big Jon Bully, Quin, Potter, JOB, my sorry saggy soggy self…all pretending that this is still a going concern. If Angelico and SE pipe up, someone may get so excited that they accidentally publish something.

  2. Excellent …

    Or premiere a cartoon, maybe?

    • Broderick Barker says

      Don’t get me started. Or rather, do. Dialogue, sfx, and music are in the can. Images are chosen and scanned. All that remains is to make ’em move. But that’s the real trick, isn’t it?

      • Quin Finnegan says

        Though perhaps less so with these particular images? If I remember the pilot well, part of the charm was in one moveable creature, and maybe a mouth or two, with existant Bosch as the background.

        Not saying it’s easy … just saying I’m looking forward to first few episodes.

        • Broderick Barker says

          Yeah, that’s part of the charm, but that was just the first six minutes. The rest of the pilot is similar, but a titch more ambitious in terms of the kinds of motion we need. Trust me, it hangs over me daily.

  3. Quin Finnegan says

    I promise a book of doggerel by the end of the year, even the Christmas season. I think I have enough already, but this summer I’m trying to come up with some good ones to replace the groaners.

    Come October, I going to press with the army I have, or something like that.

  4. Big Jon Bully says

    Could not have expressed my sentiments better on the matter of the tired old U.S. of A. Very fine poem.

    Thanks, Broderick.

  5. Rufus McCain says

    Lovely in a ruins-ish way.

  6. ironic catholic says

    Hey, I’m here like a bad penny. So publish something.

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