Would-be director of The Moviegoer set to release The Voyage of Time

It’s ridiculous to say there are amazing visuals here – of course there are – most of them familiar, or as it now needs to be said, “Malickian”. I’m looking forward to seeing both versions, the IMAX narrated by Brad Pitt and the feature narrated by Cate Blanchett. I have to admit, I’m somewhat more excited about the latter, as I’m looking forward to knowing more about the content. To say nothing of Blanchett’s voice.

Regarding the content, we know Malick was/is fairly interested in Heidegger (which may well have been what drew him to Percy, if not versa-vice), author, of course of Being and Time. He has an early book called “The History of the Concept of Time”, and it’ll be interesting to see if Malick draws on this at all, or deals with the chicken-and-egg question of whether it is Time or Being that is primordial (Heidegger’s big question in B&T).

If we speak of Time (as primordial), do we not assume that Time “is”? If we speak of Being as primordial, does Time then become illusory (or perhaps even non-being)? In short, why the voyage “of” time, rather than “through” time? If time itself is the Voyager, through or by what does it actualize itself (or become actualized)? Well, Being, perhaps. I would like to see if/how Malick will reveal these questions visually.

As I’ve noted here before, film and music are mediums uniquely fit for exploring these ideas, as they themselves exist (rather than simply being represented, à la Dali in The Persistence of Memory) in time.

And of course Augustine. What a treat to hear Cate Blanchett read from chapter 11 of Confessions!


  1. Quin,

    Sounds great. How is time a “destiny”?

    Nothing behind the question but pure wonder.



    • Quin Finnegan says

      I isnt hear that time is a destiny, but that we (“our”) have a destiny in time. Which I suppose is true in a general way — “we” have happened, are happening, and will continue to happen, and at some point it may all end, bringing us to a final, definitive destiny. But what is meant by “we”? Is what Brad Pitt means by “destiny” what I just wrote about “destiny”? Destiny is such a multivalent term I’m not sure anything definitive is really on offer here.

      I have my quibbles and queries as well. But hey, the visuals are amazing!

      And I’m still hoping to hear Cate Blanchett read aloud from Augustine’s Confessions!

      Thanks JOB!

  2. Also, the mini-Korrektiv summit this week in SD – we figured it out: Greg Kinnear as Tom More. Yes? No?



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