It is finished (sort of…)

andy pic_edited-1

It’s not every day that you get Hugh Laurie to do some electrical work in your house. I didn’t, of course, but my brother-in-law Andy is a perfect stand-in as he enjoys some whiskey-cum-bacon this morning upon finishing the installation of the faux-tiffany lamp fixture haloing him and the wonderful spirits of the house, furhter pimping up the bordello decor of my booze-room.

The perfect place that is no-place at 4 o’clock in the afternoon on a Tuesday to push back at the malaise and feel the tingle on the back of one’s neck upon catching sight, out of the corner of one’s eye, of the particles of nostalgia dancing with dust motes in the fading rays of a late-setting sun….

Many thanks to Andy for shedding some light on why this little corner of the O’Brien shack is one of my favorite rooms to visit… (And of course the lamp adds additional luster to the camping opportunities which our great little neck of Wisconsin affords visitors: Angelico/Angelica of the Twin Cities, I’m looking at YOU…)



  1. Big Jon Bully says

    I’m there.

  2. Cheers, mate!

    As soon as my saintly, super-sweet, scary-smart, splendidly spectacular, somewhat seriously sleep-deprived spouse and I have the joint wherewithal to abuse the O’Brien hospitality, you may rest assured that ‘it’ (as they say) will be (so to speak) ‘on’ like, Deo volente, Donkey Kong.

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